Vista 360° launched the Global+Local Program in 2019 in an effort to enhance cooperation between global experts and local action programs. Through the "Green Energy Stimulus Plan" it is designed to expand renewable energy use and awareness in Teton County communities, making expertise more accessible to organizations in the region. Grants and support are making the current project, Wyomings first Solar Mural®, bring together a dynamic group that will engage creatively with the community, include local high school students, and spark interest for the general population. This collaborative work includes private and public sector organizations, activating their strategic priorities for sustainability planning and analysis. Since 2019 Vista 360° has lead co-creation for the solar project and the associated environmental awareness initiatives. The Solar Mural® project is 01 of 04 distinct parts of the Global+Local Program.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal # 11
Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity. In this same way, having a unique solar "statement" in our community is a way of converting climate action education into awareness and engagementWe are putting up a symbol for sustainability in Jackson.

Bringing International experts to innovative partnerships in Teton County. Vista 360° is working for sustainability and resilience in Jackson by introducing and inspiring new partnerships:

All of our efforts aim to bring experts together and activate programs with defined Community Resilience Impacts.

Making Jackson's First "Solar Mural®"

Creativity & Culture
Community Resilience

Vista 360° , in collaboration with Land Art Generator, is proposing to create a community creativity & culture project = a Solar Mural®, in Jackson.

With the advent of solar panel customization, creativity in public space stands ready for a revolution.  Solar Mural® artworks generate significant renewable energy, celebrate local culture, provide new opportunities for artists and spark inspiration for community resilience.

Vista 360° is a 501c3 non-profit facilitator supporting mountain communities and protecting mountain places. Education about alternative energy and ecological awareness, delivered through creative fun,  is part of a thriving, positive mountain culture. 

Land Art Generator is an innovative and cross-cutting organization that brings together renewable energy and public art in a way that elevates both.  This mural is a wonderful way to bring their global creative expertise to Jackson — The LAGI team offers a strategic process several ways:

This unique program,  Solar Mural® artworks, have been installed in many communities.

Learn more about Land Art Generator at this link.

Vista360°, Land Art Generator and local strategic partners are moving through a step-by-step process to make this innovative and creative solar panel installation a symbol for climate action in our community.

Network Of Voices
Raising awareness with creativity

Peggy Teams-Up With Vista 360° Global+Local Program
Peggy Flavin is a muralist and environmental designer originally from Chicago and currently based in the West (Wyoming/Utah).

"As the lead artist creating Jackson’s first Solar Mural® community engagement is the primary goal for me, the more conversation around community resilience we have the better, we all need to be thinking of our goals to best manage the climate transition"

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Land Art Generator is an innovative and cross-cutting organization that brings together renewable energy and public art in a way that elevates both.

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Energy Conservation Works operates in partnership with the Town of Jackson, Teton County, Lower Valley Energy, and a wide spectrum of organizations to implement and advocate for energy conservation and emissions reduction in Jackson Hole.

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Cross-Program Impact
Mobile technology activation for community resilience

The Vista 360° Mobile Action Content program is a technology focused initiative aiming to bring together community resilience and digital education.  Jackson is one of our main program testing areas and the program includes several impact points:

The Solar Mural® project connects 02 Vista 360° programs, Global+Local action and technology tools for community with Mobile Action Content.

Learn more about Mobile Action Content at this link.

Vista360°, and Peggy have explored options to optimize the Mural as a drive-by inspiration point - one idea included make the art more bold - however the details are all so wonderful that we've chosen to utilize the more refined art.

To learn more about the incredible community-driven art creationn process click here.

Final Solar Mural Art Planned: