The mission of Vista 360° is to help protect mountain places and strengthen mountain communities, in the face of globalization’s challenges and opportunities, through arts, cultural exchange, economic cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

In all of our programs and activities, we are pioneering mobile-first technology and enabling mobile technology for community resilience.

Our role is often one of facilitator, creating cross-silo opportunities for collaboration toward shared goals.

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Emergency relief project partnership

Great Good News!  We have humanitarian visas to Brazil!  Please join us now for the next step of this journey.

Our Circle is helping an Afghan family of eleven people escape from immediate and life-threatening danger.

The mother is a surgeon, a medical professor and a longtime advocate for women’s education — and she is now also a refugee, without home, livelihood or safety.   The family has been unable to leave Iran for the past 18 months, but  they are finally on their way to a new future.  For this next step,  they urgently need your support and friendship.

It all began with a cowboy hat. We met the family through Vista 360°'s cowboy cultural exchange program in Central Asia. At the World Nomad Games in 2016, we gave the father a cowboy hat as a gift from the U.S. team to the Afghan team. He emailed us five years later, when the Taliban took Kabul.

  CLICK HERE  for more information about this family and their journey.   If you would like to learn more, please email, text or call.  

Please contact:

Vista 360°

307 413 5847

Candra Day, President

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Vista 360° 4 core programs

Artisan Support:
With our partners, we believe that  conserving cultural traditions and supporting small-batch producers has far reaching benefits.

Textile traditions by Kyrgyzstan women  since 2004

Traditional cowboy artisans in the Northern Rockies of the U.S.A. since 2021
Join us as we Celebrate Cowboy Craft April 29-30 at The Wort Hotel.

Global Mind + Local Action:
We support Teton County working to enhance energy use awareness and community resilience. Please join the "Here Comes The Sun" program in support of Green Power.

For more detail about the Solar Mural CLICK HERE

THIS is the current story in the News & Guide 

Cultural Exchange:
We support horse people and music exchanges.

We support the Afghanistan Friendship Circle  and  Afghan refugees.

Mobile Technology:
We support e-commerce and mobile-first

Mountain to mountain.

We are making progress
to define Mountain Culture.

Based in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming, our team has been working on arts and culture programs for over 15 years.  From direct involvement in creating the Center for the Arts to countless cultural and community building programs, founder Candra Day has been bringing vitality to community topics since she moved to Wyoming. In 2020, she refreshed the programs of Vista 360° to include greater focus on digital society and enhanced attention on sustainability development goals. "We must all do our part to help the transformation of global society to be fair, inclusive, innovative and creative" she said in a recent interview. "We need that positive energy going more than ever". Candra moved to Teton county in the late 1980's and has seen the place evolve. "We have the resources to become a poster child for sustainability and planning for community resilience," she encourages with a smile. "Projects like the Solar Mural with Land Art Generator, and Mobile Action Content, our smartphone focused work, are great pathways to start the conversation for the coming decade."

Vista 360° is committed to full accessibility in all of our programs.  For more information, please contact:

Accessibility Coordinator Candra Day 307 413 5847